A-i-t-S 2 : A Dream For Who

The 2nd in a series venturing beyond the veil of the obvious. Read this for more info.

A Reading from the Book of Revve…

— Glossary — (these terms appear in bold within the text)
Jepherus – William Jefferson Clinton (the ’90s)
Columba – North America
Ahrimangu – the World Wide Web, aka the Information Superhighway
Sons of Widows – seekers distinguished by moral autonomy
joomba – djembe drum circle music
nuajah – new-agey self-help literature
digimentos – computer software
Noobis – Africa
Dagamas – Portuguese
Kaanan – Canada
Kebikwa – Quebec
Kwa-ka-lapiz – Appalachians & Laurentians Mts.
Gothis – NY/NJ metropolitan area
Porto – Newark
Azotl-Qwotl – Mexico City
Harrok-man – a forest north of Gothis
Jeru – a beautiful stream in the wilderness

— Personalities —
Icker – author
Icker’s Deep Self
Ellis – Ellis Feldman

— Imaginary Beings —
Angels of Icker, Ellis, Zoya
Archangel of Kanaan
Az – dark archangel of Ahrimangu (herald inspirer of the World Wide Web)
an Archai (a zeitgeist spirit)


1 An exquisite Archai, bodyless, whose lungs were the motions of stars, exhaled — peering down through the layers of active sentience unto the surging follies of men.

1 Now in the time of the reign of Jepherus,
when not yet all hearts of goodwill had become Sons of Widows,
before Ahrimangu‘s masked darkness baffled the eyes of men
2 a great sweeping urge consumed the folk of Columba
such that many a one quested inwardly in concealment
concerning themselves with the ancients’ remarkable riddle,
namely what it is that they were, and what it is that they were part of,
3 and many souls thought prosperous in worldly fashion sought depth
and conviction of engagement within their allotted lifepaths.
4 And multitudes of yoga studios sprouted within strip malls.
5 And nary a public gathering ensued lest a drum circle
flooded all ears and pelvises with the pulse of joomba.
And lo the maidens and some men took to the raiments of Noobis
whereas the fair people of Noobis watched and comprehended it not.
6 And many were the merchants who prospered in the trade
of CDs of meditative relaxation music, and also who presented themselves
as energy healers of every imagined manner, or practitioners of Reiki
7 or even those who cleansed the bowels of unfamiliar clients.
8 Verily, the number of nuajah booksellers exceeded the number of groceries,
and the multitudes frequented these markets, flirting with one another’s pathologies.

1 There was a wandering artisan of sorts called Icker
who dwelt in the district of Porto, among an enclave of Dagamas,
the same as were renowned for their bustling industry and fisheries.
2 And Icker was skilled in the lore of digimentos, journeying all about Columba
to ply his craft, sometimes to windy Kanaan or even to distant Azotl-Qwotl.
3 Now Icker’s woman was called Marnaya, whose eyes were true
and heart was kind and voice was joyful, a teacher of toddlers, and she took
delight in her calling. 4 And her form was pleasing, and their coitus gratifying,
and their friendship serene. 5 But she cared not to bear an infant
or raise a babe of her own, and on occasion this troubled Icker, who began to
consider that his opportunity for heirs had passed by. 6 But Icker
had love for Marnaya and let not this issue dissuade him. 7 And too,
Marnaya cared less for conversation about matters of the mind,
though Icker bore a keen need to do so. In weak moments, Icker grieved sorely
his seeming destiny, that his chosen mate offered not this level of union.
8 But Icker had love for Marnaya and let not this issue dissuade him.
9 And in time Icker’s good nature diminished, and he knew not why.

1 Now Ellis was a friend of Icker, who had wisdom in the arts of pharmacy.
Oft was the time when Ellis would dispense advice without recompense
to some acquaintance with a malady or dysfunction. 2 And this Ellis devoted
himself to learning all the nuajah methods regarding health of the body,
originating from many regions and quarters. 3 And he became learned to
distinguish the false from the true. Though humble in external circumstance,
many in his circle took note of his value. 4 Whereas Ellis was drawn to study
of the body, Icker considered the psyche. And he busied himself with every
discovered technique. 5 So for a while the two friends collaborated in harmony,
each providing what the other lacked in pursuit of their knowledge
for healing the man, and the woman. 6 And whenever their duties allowed,
they met for long walks, each telling of new findings and listening
and together pondering the significance. 7 And at last their mutual
acquaintance had entered already its third year. And it was the third portion
of that year, the season when forests around Gothis blaze with many colors,
8 when the first breaths of northern frost seep into the air,
thrilling those of good cheer with portents of adventurous change,
and harrowing those of frail makeup with trepidation and apprehension.
9 On such a day, while peregrinating through the glades of Harrok-man,
Ellis disclosed to Icker his decision to soon relocate to the core of Gothis,
for a well-reputed and master chemist had agreed to employ him there.
10 In part, Ellis sought his friend’s council in this. For Gothis, all knew,
was a trying place to inhabit, fraught with the travails of metropols.
11 But the two friends agreed in the merits of the decision. And both
knew this would come to mean their meetings would come less easily,
and with greater intervals between them. 12 And sensing transition,
their consensus was to reconvene in one month. Upon exchanging farewells,
they were amazed by an enormous massing of swirling brown leaves,
spiraling in the activated wind all about them. 13 And a one steeped within
the ways of the spirit would recognize this as a sign, but Icker and Ellis
recognized it not.

1 Less than a fortnight after this, Icker was called upon to travel to Kanaan,
a journey by motorized conveyance upwards of seven hours. The entire time,
Icker was consumed in vexing reflections. 2 For his pairing with Marnaya
troubled him greatly, and now his friendship with Ellis was beleaguered.
And he longed for some soothing outlet. 3 Now at this hour of earthly
unfolding, unbeknownst to men but evident enough to the hearts of some
wise women, dark Az had been given to his secret machinations. 4 And then
setting his numerous clairvoyant eyes upon the affairs of men, he gestured
arcanely with one hoof. And upon earth in the physical maya of men,
a new obsession took root. 5 And this obsession was inspired within
the thoughts of those self same souls engaged with alacrity upon the very
arts digimentos which Icker professed. 6 And lo across Columba at first,
Ahrimangu extended his tendrils so an innovation of great attractive force
spread everywhere. 7 This innovation being called Internet chat forums.
And soon it spread beyond Columba even unto every known and unknown place
within the whole world. 8 And men could thereby have converse and congress
with utter strangers, no knowledge being required of their interlocutor’s means
or manners or habits or employ or biographies or even outward appearances.
9 And this was good in the beginning. 10 But a miniscule leaven was secreted
by Az within this loaf, for this is the methodology of evil. That the tempting
devices be masqueraded with much good and the lie be but partial, decorously
adorned by marvelous truths. 11 For within not many years, it became
uncommon and impossible to converse within chat rooms except lewdly. And the
earnest sharing of thoughts was replaced by the basest ribald language.
12 And humans fornicated via digimentos with no investment whatsoever, knowing
only their own sensations and compusions for amusement. 13 Thus Az and
Ahrimangu seeded havoc and chaos among the well-considered destiny maps
lovingly created by the exalted choirs. The dealings of men upon earth descended
into further dissolution. 14 But this is not the tale I am relating, although
I am conversant with it, for these events took place somewhat earlier.

1 The following day, having concluded his affairs in the southern parts of Kanaan,
Icker sought to rest in a district called Kebikwa, where the dialect was beautiful
and the victuals pleasant and various. 2 Having finished his nourishment
he retired to a chamber whereupon he amused himself with Ahrmangu. And lo
it pleased his heart that one called Zoya appeared in the chat room, which at
that moment was devoted to discussing the aphorisms of Rumi. 3 Icker knew
of the woman Zoya from previous encounters in Ahrimangu‘s domain, having been
favorably impressed with her perceiving, and earnest pondering, and kindness of
heart. And their converse grew in range and depth and intimacy, each recognizing
within the other one of markedly kindred sentiment. 4 In this way
they teased and amused and beguiled themselves passing several hours until Icker
grew tired, the day’s energy allowance well spent. 5 Yawning virtually, they
began extending fond nighttime wishes, when one inquired as to the other’s
actual whereabouts. 6 In this manner it was revealed that Zoya resided verily
in fair Kebikwa, in a secluded lovely hamlet nestled in the sloping pine forests of
Kwa-ka-lapiz, and likewise Icker was presently housed at an inn near
the same place. 7 And this serendipitous happenstance disturbed
their dreaming, dreams of the gentlest texture, very sweetly that night.
8 And both Az and the angelic messengers of Icker, Zoya, and Ellis observed all this
with keen attention. 9 For verily, verily, the religion of the gods is nothing
other than mankind itself.

1 Icker awoke late in a condition of feverish uncertainty, for his affections
were fragmented between Marnaya and Zoya, the woman of Kanaan, whom he’d
never set eyes upon nor knew he of her likeness. 2 A message awaited him,
via the auspices of Ahrimangu. And it was Zoya proposing a meeting for
the midday repast. 3 At the appointed place Icker soon cared not for refreshments,
for Zoya was exceeding comely, her hair a thick and dark rippling waterfall,
the color of mahogany tree bark, her eyes the same hue as spruce. 4 She wore
distinctive garments of her country and a band of yellow citrine stones
punctuated the lovely expanse between her neck and bosom, an adornment
neither ostentatious nor typical. 5 And she spoke an inviting greeting,
and upon hearing her voice, Icker was duly smitten. And they soon repaired to
her abode. 6 And they spent many hours in the most varied discussions,
warming the glow in each other one’s eyes and heart. Their fingers sometimes
interlocking and decoupling, moved across his and her hands. 7 And Icker saw
her mind, that it carried no guile and no artifice. Her demeanor was direct,
her being honest and kindly and gentle. And her eyes shone with true wanting.
8 And he kissed her mouth in eloquence, tasting of the sweet qing. 9 And having
changed her robe she sat her body down softly, straddling his right thigh. And
sweetly but firmly locked in her gaze, her eyes considered his, like waves of the sea.
10 And he felt her moist ardent wishing enrobing both sides of his thigh with
her ample warm signature. 11 And coming into her chamber, they coupled fervently
well into the midnight, now covered in sweat, now laughing and speaking happily,
now whispering softly and with contentment. 12 And well satiated and nourished
were the regarding spirits with their feast of nectar and unpretentious ambrosia
that night. 13 And driving homeward on the morrow, Icker thought deeply
on the events of the past days, but mostly longed for her taste and her touch.
14 He could not escape a strange notion of recognition in her soul.
For there was newness in her embrace, but equally familiarity. And the havoc
in his life seemed natural. 15 And passing through a district of many mountains
and distant hills, enroute to Gothis and Porto, the archangel of Kanaan extended
one of its six wings, with benevolent aim, and at once Icker witnessed
the shape of fair Zoya’s bare breasts and hips, within the crestlines of a yonder
verdant slope. 16 And his eyes were consumed with delight.

1 Now with the passage of a month since Icker’s sojourn in Kanaan,
winter gripped the environs of Gothis with a clenched fist. 2 And seeking news,
Icker sent word to Ellis, that they soon convene and discuss things deep and shallow. And after some further weeks, Ellis could come towards Porto for one day.
3 And they spoke first of the events concerning Ellis’ new employment,
and of the trials and worries of his clients. Then Icker opened the topic
of women and relations, for he supposed that his friend might offer words
to cast light on his quagmire. 4 But Ellis appeared strangely unmoved,
and Icker chose not to disclose of his intimacy with Zoya, for Ellis also thought
highly of Marnaya. 5 Instead, they spoke of peripheral matters, and Icker saw
that Ellis had not much experience with relationships of the heart,
preferring to think of it only in the most pragmatic way, quite un-engaged
with heated feelings. 6 And at the day’s end Icker judged his friend withdrawing
from involvement, as though some epoch had departed. And indeed quite longer
intervals of time now passed between their meetings. 7 So Icker gradually
despaired, alone in his conceits, and more doubtful each day of a happy resolution.
8 For Icker now longed for distant Zoya on all levels, but grieved sorely
for kind loyal Marnaya, who with each passing week, though physically proximate,
seemed fading from his orbit and contemplations.

1 Thus matters festered until springtime, when one day Zoya sent word of urgency,
in her need to meet with Icker. And they arranged to meet halfway betwixt their
disparate towns. 2 So in a place south for Zoya, and north for disintegrating Icker,
near to a place of remote beauty called Jeru, they came together at an inn.
And after fond affectionate greetings, they fell into erstwhile discussion.
3 Whence Icker became rapt with the words from her lips. And the tone
of her speaking was serious. 4 And Zoya spoke I have had a dream pregnant to me
of meaning, but of this meaning I cannot discern
. 5 And she further revealed
it concerned him. And this dream was lucid, not fully a dream. For its sharpness
rivaled that of waking awareness, and its impression was vivid the day after.
6 Now Icker saw fresh why so deeply he loved her, for she was one who knew,
and had true knowledge of the spirit, and could speak light slowly and serenely.
7 And seeing this directly, she took clasp of his hands gently in hers,
and told plainly of her vision. 8 A kind man came, who had economy of speech,
and perfect politeness of manner, filled with respect and true purpose.
9 And she could see in his eyes that his concern was goodness, and he paused, that they could regard each other’s spirit. 10 Whereupon he said “I am a Man of the Fields”. 11 And he then carefully transferred to her a small package, but a thing of great value. In so doing he transmitted the thought that his time of stewardship for this thing of value was closing. 12 And she understood that her stewardship was to commence in that moment. 13 And seeing the character of her acceptance, he withdrew in kindness, but also with purpose. “I have taken care of this vessel a brief while; but now this task falls onto you. Farewell.” 14 Now Icker was filled with amazement, and so inquired further as to the manners of this man. 15 And Zoya described the sense of duty which he bore, and further the self-effacing nature of his actions and speaking, how his presence was gracious and respectful, but not formal. 16 And in these images, Icker recognized his friend Ellis. 17 And Zoya confirmed that the precious item concerned within her vision was Icker himself. She understood this while in the presence of the Man of the Fields. 18 “And I relate to you these things intimate to my soul, beloved Icker, for you have captured a place very central to my heart.” 19 And it was her hope that Icker could tell the meanings of these signs; and he said he would ponder hard on them.

[ A springtime grove near Jeru ; Collaborating Deepselves (source) ; Fingers of Illumination (source) ]

1 Zoya needed to return straightaway to Kebikwa, but Icker lingered a day,
soothed by the environs of beautiful Jeru. 2 And he removed himself to a wild place,
where the forest was quiet, and the sunlight shimmered on the face of a pristine lake, and all around him were multitudes of green buds striving soon to be leaves. 3 For a long while Icker took in this scene with devotion, till his mind was clear and untrammeled. And then he turned to Zoya’s dream. 4 Now Ellis knew not of Zoya, and Zoya knew only of Ellis in passing, for Icker had mentioned him briefly on one occasion. But spoke little of his character or heart. 5 Further only Icker knew of Ellis’ family name, which was called: Feldman. 6 And one thing more Icker alone was aware of, namely the translation in Germanic of this surname of Ellis. For in Germanic, Feldman signifies a man who works in the fields, that is to say, a field man, a man of the field. 7 And the weight of this truth glowed incandescently within him, for it constituted a singular mystery. 8 And Zoya knew not the tongue of the Germanics, and Ellis knew it not either. 9 Icker traced the passage of the clear and alive water, feeding from the wild stream Jeru. He studied a point in the lake near where he sat. And a cloud opened a line of light from the sun just where he gazed. 10 Sometimes, the ephemeral beauty of nature seemed to wish itself known, just so, to the only one who was regarding her, a gesture expressly for him. 11 And he saw truth, and knew it. Zoya’s dream was a message only for him, for only he could decipher it. 12 His deepself could not speak to Icker, so muffled were his ears with anguish. But the deepself of Ellis met the deepself of Zoya, and Zoya’s listening was whole and unsullied. 13 There are times we can simply give love where we are, and trust that the cosmos will reroute it to our most precious intendeds. Let them whose palates waken, taste of this, and take their nutrition.

1 An exquisite Archai, inhaling — with reverent devotion, while the Sun, was hurtling towards Taurus.


Thanks for reading about my supernatural adventure. The raison d’etre for this series of articles is explained here. A further adventure can be read about here. May you be open to your own supernatural adventures, while taking care to retain your clear-eyed reason and mental sobriety, to protect yourself from delusion.

Note: I chose to take creative license with the narrative style of this story for aesthetic reasons. But in keeping with the purpose of the series ‘Adventures in the Supernatural’, it is fundamentally a true story, which I experienced. In particular, the detail of the vision in Chapter 8 as well as the facts mentioned in Chapter 9 are true, and they form the basis of why I am telling these events.

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