At The Tech Conference

I first came upon Walt Whitman’s poem “Upon Hearing the Learn’d Astronomer” (have a listen) while pretty young, and was confused by it. I’d talked my parents into a cheap telescope for my 8th birthday… knew all the star names and where to find them (this was back when dark skies still existed). But by my university years I got it and was onboard with his sentiments. Here’s my parallel tribute around information technology. (Based on a true story.)


[ Image Source (I superimposed the dayglow text) :]  (link)

Notes: A tanka is a Japanese short form akin to a haiku, but with a five line structure built of 5-7-5-7-7 syllables. There’s other rules too, which I generally ignore. You can hear a decent narration of Whitman’s brief poem here.

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