Meditation On Chalk

There is a subtle distancing effect which our numerous online devices and other technologies foist upon our minds regarding the world of everyday objects. Left unchecked, we develop a disregard and disinterest in things and their nature, reflected in the disposable stance many ‘movers and shakers’ adopt towards articles of utility. But imagine if the surrounding world of objects could be reunited with their rightful depths of significance, qualities, and history! Suppose you had to think ONLY about a piece of chalk, to take a mundane example, for 10 full minutes. How difficult would it be, and what could be recovered?

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Clairvoyance in Mark’s Gospel

I want to open a space in your imagination concerning the Gospel of Mark. A vessel of considerations for a different way to think about what concepts like ‘revelation’, ‘salvation’, and the entire idea of religious striving means. I hold that the usual and widespread way of looking at these sorts of things are extrememly unfortunate and guarantee confusion. We’ve been sold a bogus conceptual framework by the ‘experts’, the theologians, evangelical pastors and institutions espousing church dogmas. Often but not always this falseness has been inadvertant. The remedy for this must be individual and entirely reject anything smacking of received authority.

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A-i-t-S 4 : Final Visitation

The fifth in a series venturing beyond the veil of the obvious. The point of this series has been to illustrate, drawing upon actual events in my own life, situations and occurrences which cast definitive doubt upon the conventionally accepted rational materialistic worldview. I hold that the only honest and plausible explanation for the kinds of events depicted here is that the realist consensus is wrong and must be replaced by a spiritual worldview — and it is at our collective peril that we persist “forward” wearing our status quo blinders. The previous episode can be found here. A useful explanatory orientation to the entire series with links for each episode is also worth seeing.

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A-i-t-S 2 : A Dream For Who

The 2nd in a series venturing beyond the veil of the obvious. Read this for more info about this series in general. Continuing on from last week’s episode, I have decided to finish the series by this year’s end, re-posting the few which have already appeared and adding the new ones as well. This supernatural dream was posted in 2018.

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Original Sin and Moral Deeds

I attempt to describe in a sequence of ordered aphorisms the understanding I have grasped over time from esoteric sources concerning the topic mentioned. I accept and believe these things due to experience, pondering, and various researches impossible to explain here. It is offered because I find this understanding relieves many, many confusions and stands in its own kind of light which will appeal to certain kinds of people. I cannot say I fully ‘know’ these things until I experience them myself in clear spiritual perception — but it comes near to knowing for me. Do not believe or disbelieve, rather live with the ideas and test them in life. Any errors are my own.

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First you don’t see
this light within,
you intend it.

You make word flesh.


[ Image : I came upon this image within the past week or so, but cannot for gold, frankincense or myrrh recall where. If you’ve seen the source kindly tell me so I can acknowledge the creator. ] (link)

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