Spent Youth

“All lower love is but a schooling for the highest love.” – Rudolf Steiner

“The penis sometimes displays an intellect of its own. When a man may desire it to be stimulated it remains obstinate and goes its own way, sometimes moving on its own without the permission of its owner. Whether he is awake or sleeping, it does what it desires. Often when the man wishes to use it, it desires otherwise. And often it wishes to be used and the man forbids it. Therefore, it appears that this creature possesses a life and intelligence separate from man.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

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At The Tech Conference

I first came upon Walt Whitman’s poem “Upon Hearing the Learn’d Astronomer” (have a listen) while pretty young, and was confused by it. I’d talked my parents into a cheap telescope for my 8th birthday… knew all the star names and where to find them (this was back when dark skies still existed). But by my university years I got it and was onboard with his sentiments. Here’s my parallel tribute around information technology. (Based on a true story.)


[ Image Source (I superimposed the dayglow text) :]  (link)

Notes: A tanka is a Japanese short form akin to a haiku, but with a five line structure built of 5-7-5-7-7 syllables. There’s other rules too, which I generally ignore. You can hear a decent narration of Whitman’s brief poem here.

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First Fisherman of April

Every year he comes briefly and faithful like wild violets, 8 or 9 seasons now, long as I defy the clock and occupy astounded this abode. It’s not true, how things seem, that he projects staunch solitude and won’t converse. But you must approach with reverence for nature, and show you’ve learnt how human natures all command respect. Else most you’ll get is a tipped forehead and good day.

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