Rob Stolzy

Persuading. Speculating. Informing. Affirming. Attacking. Unraveling. Clarifying, Crafting. Reframing, Listening. Probing. Hearing, Opening:   ► Handy INDEX

Writing has been a persistent activity during my life. Often a pleasure, sometimes connected with some type of work, sometimes a smoldering inner need, and usually a tool for refining my grasp of some truth or other. If something I wrote disturbs you, maybe this is a good thing…
You Cannot Hire Me! Meaning I’ve disentangled money from writing in my life. But maybe you can entice me into a mutual project:    ► Contact Me    



  1. “You Cannot Hire Me! Meaning I’ve disentangled money from writing in my life.”

    Fabulous. I only wish we could disentangle money from our lives entirely. Greed and aggression, hideous ambition and cruelty. Will they ever disappear from our existence on this rocky little planet?


  2. I wonder how much is due to money being such an abstract thing now. We don’t even exchange hard cash anymore, it’s mostly done electronically. There was something communal and basic about handing over a sack of apples in exchange for a pig, that human, hand to hand contact and the bargaining and conversation that probably with with it


    1. That is definitely a thing — good point. Takes more and more the humanity out of transactions. I think for me, the goal of writing not for money was/is to distance it as far as possible from any sort of compromising of my output for the sake of maintaining some kind of status quo or reputational norm. Thanks for comment!


      1. I find that balance quite hard. I write primarily for the love of writing and to help others, but i live below the breadline so b can’t help going my books will earn something. This is the dilemma for writers, i think

      2. yes, of course. If it is part of your livelihood, it is a totally different perspective. Forme I was lucky to have a different career, mainly, but still got tempted by the earnings side of it at one point, but then I decided to on purpose make a sharp cut between earning money and writing, to make it completely an inner need and response.

    1. I’ve only done a few minor ones. Plus a few times I wrote stuff for others upon request — which was instructive because I had to sort of adopt their voice.


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