Cusp Of Falling

can feel it, when true autumn claims hold
more likely then, a trenchant 4AM thought
drives me from complacent mattress
in utter darkness but inner luminosity
to my devices down yonder in the sous-sol

true, apples of every description to the ready
summon distinctive salivas to meet them
Johnny Honey Crisps peak but one week
and winesaps lure me to far off orchards
…but that’s not why …that’s not why

and yes also, what Alex once remarked
the way those ephemeral specks of outraged scarlet
jewel the soothing deep green canvas
of the spruce and sapin clotted hillsides
cupping my sensory life in this sentient valley

or how the sight of the veggie patch now paling
slips a note of foreboding into kindlier souls
that what approaches soon is harsher past our ken
dare not dawdle against the coming worsening
for season is but metaphor for life and world

still, I apologize, you activist lovers of Bukowski
I cannot accompany your myopic wallowing
some force ancient and impossibly pregnant is afoot
just now in this rare light, an opening
I smell how the old clairvoyance will marry reason

and copulate in spectacular spasms of insight
laying bare the pretense of received ethic
detonating all wisdom not cooked within
and though many will seem thriving by usual lights
only children of the gale will truly be alive


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  1. Delightful! I liked, “and copulate in spectacular spasms of insight” and how that line and those leading up to it reminded me of Zhang Yimou’s beautiful autumn dance in his film ‘Hero.’


    1. now I’ll need to watch it, gospel šŸ™‚
      ZY was probably my favorite director late 80s early 90s, and I’m sure I’ve seen all his stuff with the translucent Li Gong, but think I missed this one. thanks for your appreciation!


      1. Think my favorite of his was Raise The Red Lantern. Have deep asthetic feelings about China, was there three times from ’88 to ’92, taught some English there. A place I never quite feel I truly grasp.

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