2 Forks Off The True

Advisory messages heard at the edge of an early spring’s rushing mountian stream, swollen and forceful with surging transformed snowmelt… Tell of what you’ve seen and know, living waters!

not physically straight
is the straight path
its straightness is an adherance
to a noiseless interior sense,
which is fledgling and helpless
and down to your own contrivances to nourish
(herein and herein only lies what you name ‘freedom’),
that sense is of moral vector
the appropriate velocity and heading
intuited while calmly wrestling
the cacophany of the world
which will resist and fear
anything standing ordered inwardly
against the prevailing chaos

It is easy to be good by being weak…

at all points of the unfolding traverse
repose is with certainty an illusion
rather, even your resting needs be active
nothing which is truly of the spirit
is ever but ceaselessly in motion
it’s very life pulse
an always-changing busy becoming
(the opposite of this are the rocks,
the entire panoply of mineral existence
which has been enchanted into matter
for matter is but spirit frozen,
still yourself not then,
housed in some dogma which comforts
by the very texture of its familiarity,
instead summon your gumption
and push like naively optimistic shoots
piercing crusted soil back towards sun
know courage empirically!
place ministers and pulpits to one side
the sole authority within is thyself
and even this only in potential
though insight may be accorded you
the inner way is not a path of knowledge
you only properly commence
when you pick up the cross
and suffer the way
seizing your means of destination

It is easy to be strong with egotism and unkindness…

even more sinister and secretive
is the temptation in the other direction
for once you rouse that slumbering ego
incipient in the present instant of evolution
certain nefarious oppositional parties
unveil their eagerness to abscond thy treasure
molding it for their own purposes
as compensate for their misdeeds and shortfall
upon some ancient and long marginalized moon
therefore guard the lid watchfully
on the boiling humours in thy pot
govern all entusiasms
maintaining a steady sensitive simmer
channel the stallion you’ve stirred from sleep
using that observed frenzy ever verging
to humble your insisting urge
and find collaboratives
within your immediate sphere
for countless others lift too this burden
and though each in truth must tread alone
you may lighten their unknowable crosses
just as your own perceives some levity
in the warm light of conversation

It is difficult and heroic to be free,
an authentic beacon, perforce eccentric,
a species of one unto thyself

you might die,
in fact it’s recommended
think deep on this
and the true boundaries of your you-ness
above all, fancy not your epiphanies as universal
for every cotyledon carries a unique form
but detect sure the aroma of your own revelation
and shine it outwards in tactful broadcast
taking care to learn this musicianship with no pride
harmonize your tone
among the symphony of pristine vegetation
carpeting the earth experiment with charity
that thy blossoms will be as forseen


Note: with appreciation to Massimo Scagliero. “It is easy to be good by being weak; it is easy to be strong with egoism and unkindness; it is difficult and heroic to be free.” (link)

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  1. Couldn’t be more fitting these days!!

    How terrified little children we have become! We fail the test to our strength, kindness and courage daily.


  2. How fitting! Especially these days!!

    We fail the test to our, courage, kindness and strength, everyday. We’ve willingly surrendered the key to our masters. And it wasn’t…hard.


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