Desire By Heart Or By Navel

Romance needs some help this Spring in the northern hemisphere. Reflections upon romantic infatuation (1) -today- via a dialogue in haikus (bad idea from the getgo), and (2) -tomorrow- via philosophical musings verging on the esoteric (perhaps worse)…

An endless garden replete with fruits of all persuasions, rolling daffodilled hillsides, luxuriant condos overlooking impossible vistas, exuberant slums, and WordPress blogs. A fetching melody drifts in and out of the pulsating breeze currents, with barely discernible heavenly words singing themselves, as if voiced by clouds:

“Once before the world began
God was sitting in the sky
He began to get some mud together
Oh, I wonder why!
First He made a man
Then He made a woman
Mr. Adam and Miss Eve
They began to be good friends
As I can well believe”


she asks what is love
I thicken in her presence
eloquent reply


pig, thou porcine cad!
equating heart with physics
yet: I tingle so

his member tracks me
absent coy calculation
as compass finds north


she asks what is love
I thicken in her presence
eloquent reply

A bamboo pole arrives stage left, smartly cracking Mars upon his mesmerized noggin… The deity adjusts his utterance…

what power is this
muscles liquid in her gaze
knees buckle, sight blurs

her softness enslaves
compels meekest submission
though force mounts within


pig, thou porcine cad!
equating heart with physics
yet: I tingle so

Ephemeral Cupid hovers past, unclouding her skeptic as he grazes her spectacular sideboob with a caress of his tinctured arrow…

fragrant kindness wafts!
lo, sweetness marks his urgence
my shields unfasten

shall I steer his aim?
I moisten at his onset
who governs who here?


she thinks like flowers
lips blow blossoms when speaking
I crave her bosom

though food’s unneeded
I bend to her with hunger
dance her pace unasked

grant me this linger
for my sureness this moment
s’by your glow hindered


I possess his code
yet relinquish the glory
in soothing am I sooth’d


I’m become beggar
at her holy grotto’s gate
ointment, love’s nectar


I fuse our longing
despite unlike origins
my waters clean hearts

By heaven’s magic
is want become creation
grace transforms the will

regard the spent beast
in repose beyond all strife
light overcomes space


losing is winning
taking becomes sweet giving
enwraps us aglow

Goldfinches land in their place of rapture; astonished intermediate gods sip cocktails of ambrosia…


[ Image : Botticelli’s Renaissance visualization of the Venus and Mars forces in the cosmos. ] (link)

[ Lyrics : Adam & Eve verses thanks to Robin Williamson from a vastly under-scrutinized album entitled ‘Liquid Acrobat As Regards The Air’. ] (link)

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      1. Bearing down, as they say. Been away from the blogosphere for a good while trying my hand at a little light fiction-writing. Missed your erudition and wit; so was great to return with this wonderful piece of yours. Many congratulations!

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