Lab Notes, Take #2

Young Waldo comes of age, packed with ideals and oats, spends a decade on love’s battlefield, confronts the sinister edifice of romantic indifference and torpitude gone viral, goes back to the drawing board and resolves to double-down on his humanity, his mantra: “yes”…

okay if we try an experiment?
you kind of dig science, right?
a decade is all that I’m asking
maybe two
if you’re feeling curiously sensible
here’s the crux of my proposal:

from each toetip
to each hair strand
to cover you in layered love dew
as though making you
a second body
with meticulous attention to detail
and let’s admit from the outset
I have a secret other statagem
to pleasure thee with the sheer force
of pleasure my own
for with a will and abandon
I’ll visit voracious every nipple and orifice
studying deep what they’ve known or forgotten
but that’s not the main thing, my orchid

yeah, yeah I get all that pragmatic stuff
you love to love your freedom
need your buffer space to exhume demons
afforded your specific benevolent oversight
via your singular biography
we all got our destinies though
the tragic undertones our lifeblood
all guilty of murders cruel or little
so put on your compassion suit, dear
and make it maybe a bikini negligee
I’m open for business
and fixing to bust us out of prison
dousing the warden with confetti

don’t worry
I’ll include all that shit
about lifewarts
I’ll love it too, especially
taking care to lick terrain irregularities
with extra thick layers of maple syrup
and I’d enjoy it too
on top of everything else
cause those places
are where you are most you
and I would longkiss out your fragrance
from each worshipped one
like as consecrating at an altar
which will blow your mind
and pummel your solar plexus
with an all-pervading sunbloom

I know I know I know
you don’t have to say it
romance is so 20th century
and post-modern is post-human
but look this is science, honey
we’re going to keep notes
and get crowdfunding
secure venture capital
even provide helpful hints
for those inclined towards peer review
and we’ll schedule board meetings
next to oceans
or in dark theaters
and idiosyncratic restaurants
or in forests where the treetops
exceed our eyespan

I plan to massage chakra three
with expanding lemniscate tonguesweeps
in 90 minute Eros bouts
to tame your anxious warpcore
nay, not tame it, redirect it
in a brilliant ploy of boldness
cocooned initially in my warmest ventricle
then butterfly’d into boastless radiance
when least you need or expect it
and you can be the objective one, baby
to keep all procedures kosher
I’ll buy you an executive voice recorder
for logging each salient impression

true, true, they all say
dying folk with corpse tongues
nobody can live just on love
I got news for them, sweetheart
since I’ve defied all the odds
love’s the only possible thing we subsist on
souls who commit to loving self-condemn
suffering joys and sorrows unto death
so uttered a wise person I knew
but the wounded mistake this for prudent admonition
while the warriors detect the true advice
boldly venture with equanimity
learn the heart’s unicycle
ride the narrow way with confident altruism
for Buddha gave counsel of the dreary and pitfalls
but Christ never eschewed apropo suffering

I’m coming for your internals too, toots
not just that doubtless singular nectar
nor just your perfect kiss water
anyone is privileged to drink
deeper even than the way each your ligaments
are fashioned
(which I’ll certainly guarantee to thoroughly chart)
but I will marry your thinking
and the way each feeling buds
from your lips and your iris and your liver
and I will make allegiance to your vowing
wherever these arise
within the beautiful treacherous future
and I will make a chalice for your conscience
your holiest of holies
and a tabernacle to keep it
from disgrace
all these things I would do
and many more unthought of too
if but you’d let me
enweb your aura in love’s dewy largesse

let me sing it plainer, love
in a major scale of radical simplicity
say yes with me to epic undertakings
say yes to three days off the grid
offline to all that disputation
and plugged in to Earth’s wild rhapsody
let’s tune in to what only gods could have left us
in valleys and forests and Asian groceries
let’s become experts at forgiveness
while spinning a gossamer cocoon out of kindness
that cups us two in a shell of serene
till our light expands out and invites others
baby, set the controls
for the heart of the sun
let’s make the village that much the warmer
before our love’s half done
say yes to long kissing next to a wall
till light rays from Venus pay heed to our call
say yes to imperfections, honey
our quirks conceal our superpowers
dragonflies and honeybees show us how to do
in impossibly broad fields yellowed with flowers
say yes to french kisses with eyelids alone
and Mexican ones with salsa on every bone
let’s cook new dishes, lady
while scantily clad
humming snatches of Debussy
though our intonations are bad
say yes to patchouli and homemade babaganoosh
freeze-dried bananas, macadamia nuts, tamarind,
and hot chocolate sunsets with a drop of vermouth
let’s grow asparagus because it takes three years
and draw the progress in notepads each week
and give them to children to watercolor
when our inheritance feels especially meek
depict me my flaws in your mirrors, my sweet
with a mercy and trueness of seeing
that I’m shown a new way
by the golden entrails
drawn in the ether
by the angelic passage of your being
we shall polish our crystals
in a water so wholesome
that few would recognize
what we one day become
though everyone will consider it
as beautiful as good as true


[ Image : from a French fairy tale website. ] (link)

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    1. why thank you. πŸ™‚ certainly sweet of you to think so! I don’t know, Steph, not too much of a business instinct operating within my soul nowadays. Being read more widely, sure, could see the value in that. What would I need, an editor? Long as we wouldn,t battle. You got any bright ideas during lockdown? Shoot me them in email.

      Speaking of lockdown, how goes your Salyx wars? IS the season still happening for you? Wishing you well. πŸ™‚


  1. thank you for asking, Stolzy. I am doing very well. Now I am on a roll and hurting from overdoing. but, it’s ok. I have much catching up to do.

    About your writing. I don’t know that you need an editor. You write beautifully and I know you could sell whatever you wrote. I have seen very successful writers who didn’t write very well…like that guy Nicholas who wrote all those love novels that all seemed the same. After awhile they bored me.


    1. Hmmm. Don’t know him, but it goes to show something, no? That boring sells. Ordinary sells. I think in my life I’ve sort of kept artistic effort walled off from economic effort. Music and writing and a few other creative pursuits I’ve dipped into — all seemed to succeed (in quality-value) because I thought not an ounce about what would sell or be accepted while doing them. I guess I was fortunate to have software skills for when it came to earning my keep. If I came upon a way to reach more people without having to think about marketing, then I would consider it. But I never really looked into it… I just write and whatever comes to me through it, comes to me. πŸ™‚ Thanks for thinking about it, and I’m glad to hear you’re doing better.


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