Love Memory

stored always
in safe corners
of cells inside my pineal
immune to the withering of passage,
that time
you announced my secret spot
with ten minutes
of softest kissing,
that time
we watched two boys
astride a carpet
who noted the sun
walking across their feet
dispersing shadow
bewitched by cloud
and you bade me
imbibe their unblemished
that time
before our couple
on a day of seeming dullness
you came to me
from out the group
as I was departing
and normally graced
by a noble reserve
you placed a hand inside my thigh
and smiling whispered
call me sometime
call me soon
and how I memorized
your intimate urgency
and your phone number
like a catechism


[ Image : a winding boardwalk trail within the Great Swamp, NJ ] 

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