To Live

Sun keeps coming, sacrificing its own substance…

she demos her new switchblade
on her latest chronicle verité
and bemoans the platform’s disavowal

and maybe there’s authenticity
her millenial motive anxiety
one believes: real terror presiding

but I love most not the outrage
nor the projecting bravado
not even the face once lovely
not such a long while prior
nor the moxie ‘gainst would-be marauders
inebriated past their redemption
by this deformed and deforming
century #21,
certainly not the weaponry fetish
armaments are bullshit
they make things insecure, not safer
and have zero zero zero relationship
to personal freedom

…rather it’s the unplanned eye flinch
once that swift sure release was triggered
heralding what’s still beautiful within


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Note: By the way, there’s a nice Zhang Yimou film from the 90s, lead actress the incomparable Gong Li, of the same title: “To Live” (Zhu). Depicts the travails of a woman suffering the cultural uphevals in China during the Mao years (1940-1970). We could do worse, collectively, than to consume decent art around the topic of dealing with cultural uphevals.

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