Doldrum Epoch

Isn’t it cause you lack a capacity
That you perforce label alternatives ‘magical’?

And doesn’t your diagnosis of me as ‘wishful’
Come down to the world’s successful freezing of your perception?

And mustn’t the thawing you crave, unawares
Be solely dependent on something inside you, not external?

Crystals are almost as gorgeous as you are, baby
But their spirits are frozen and not in their hands.


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  1. frozen perceptions
    are melting the polar caps
    whereas fluid mutations
    are too often open
    to abstract suggestions
    perhaps it’s best
    to float somewhere
    in the sea of discretion
    than face down
    in an ocean of deception?


    1. Nice lines. šŸ™‚ Discretion is always useful. But the spiritual world, and therefore indirectly us, needs a certain amount of humans to commit to crossing a threshold of awareness, before certain adversarial milestones are met. That’s the astonishing thing about what one uncovers when studying the right sources: humanity actually bears some real responsibilities… dwelling on Earth within physical bodies during a period of ‘freedom’ confers this upon us. There are actually things only humanity can do, not the angelic hierarchies. They wait, and nudge.


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