A galactic consciousness scout revisits a favorite world to update his observations after the passage of 33 years…

Ookuh’fa eased the velocity of his descending more gradually than most of his kind. –STOP–

The craft materialized with great subtlety, for a long period resembling only a hovering tenuously connected mass of dark soup against the black starry void. –STOP–

A sheath of life membraned againt the darkness for his travelling mentation. –STOP–

He liked to engage each of his twelve sensory portals consecutively, with deliberation, which allowed the surveyed world to enter his apprehension like a memory clarifying by stages within the mists of elsewhen. –STOP– Artistically. –STOP–

“Sitrep Terra” — the communique pierced his thinking, in which he recognized the emanations of the vicar of the Harmony Council radiating from the region of distant Cassiopeia. –STOP–

Ookuh’fa drank in the life activity imprints of the world before him. –STOP–

His tail tendrils moved in space expressively. –STOP–

His single translucent eye pulsated while digesting the inhaled perceptions, tasting their myriad qualities with keen discrimination and compassion. –STOP–

A great expansion, more like an immoral infestation, of corrupted light clusters had taken hold beneath his craft, screeching their thoughtless egotism into the surrounding heavens. In the interim, the 33 years, Terra had brazenly disfigured the local cosmos with electricity and other worse wavelengths of sub-natural light ethers. –STOP–

A mournful melody filled his immediacy, reflecting upon the difficulties many of the infant conscious ones below must now endure in sensing the beautiful, life-nourishing rays ever bequeathing from the cosmic periphery. –STOP–

“Ookuh, Sitrep? “ — the vicar’s request was less strident, more probing. –STOP–

Satisfied, he sheathed its lid and let his black closed eye see the physicality below, coarsely without the benefit of clairaudience, as one last confirming perspective. –STOP–

Morose resolution. He re-oriented his thought-ship, projecting towards the vicinity of the remote vicar, and exhaled his true mentations… –STOP–

“Widespread catastrophies proliferating, and will steadily increase in the near future. Many millions baffled as to the originating factors in this, while trying to adhere to conventions of received ethical and scriptural dictates. But without individual rigorous scutiny. New generations subject to formative gestation periods starved of genuinely inspirational forces. Steadily building danger of hopelessness and downward spiral into alluring illusions of materialism. Youth must rely ever more upon inner resources for spiritual development. Established transmittable moral authority disintegrating. Myopic expansion of intellectualism as a social posture, offset by pressure valve of fantasy-driven sentimental calculations within soul pairings. Tincture of redemption will need to arise from a ‘homeopathic’ minority of isolated and perhaps castigated individuals who will need to endure maximal personal sacrifice. KEYNOTE SYMPTOMATOLOGY: While supersensible evolutionary capacities can only be acquired in human beings exerting themselves to first consciously develop various potential virtuous soul powers (which are quite within reach at present), the great majority of humans within current civilized society DO NOT wish to know about these slumbering abilities. Ironically and tragically, the mounting catastrophic circumstances of the present Terran times are EXACTLY attributable to this general refusal to recognize anything about the verity and immediate relevancy of these skills.” –STOP–

Pregnant silence permeating the void. –STOP–

“Assessment concluded, Amen. Ookuh’fa Out.” –STOP–


Note: ‘Sitrep’ is black-ops lingo for ‘Situation Report?’… apologies, went through a period of watching lots of counter-intell spy films a while back. 🙂

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