Time is a Braid

Life is concealed by the conceived constructs of past and future… yet evolving and karmic necessity are both reality.

this thing you would keenest unravel
this puzzle you’d make brittle peace with
it’s not a mindless nor a linear stream
surging simple, the before towards the after

devoid of consistent velocities
save in physicist’s doddering whimsy
it can swell all space like a sullen syrup
or pierce quick ideation like uncaught memory

trifold in nature, two thick strands, one thin
what’s happened hardens fast our incurious prison
what’s dreaded or coveted dictates our breathing
while now’s silver slim thread glistens unfelt

time is a braid, a kite in fate’s secret gale
no experience is ever lived, except now
no memory ever nourishes, but that deepens this moment
no beckoning possibility realizes till blood wills


[ Image : I could not find the real image I wanted — maybe I need to braid it myself. Imagine the blue and red strands as thicker and dull-colored. One of them represents the past and the other the imaginary future. Then imagine the grey strand to be golden but of tenuous and thin silk, hiding elusive: that is the present ‘timeless’ moment. At one point even a 4-stranded braid was suggested. For the present consists really of two modalities, that of sleeping and that of waking life. Then it would be needed to picture two bright colored silk strands weaving about one another while clouded within the thick grayer swallowing clouds. link ]

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