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Soft Sell

they sat together by chance
afternoon train to Denver
he pondering his prospects
she wearing her being like a want ad
from lip gloss down to nail polish
fingers almost at rest on her phone
they were confessing recent foibles
casual ventures since some poignant ex
all estimated in shiny cheer
he bites an apple with a false lust
she mentions that apparently,
… she’s a good kisser
no — he groans inside, that’s doubtful
a good kisser would know it
minus need for external say so
from her tongue down to her opening
a good kisser would know


[ Image : from a fluff piece about lip shapes ] (link)

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At The Tech Conference

I first came upon Walt Whitman’s poem “Upon Hearing the Learn’d Astronomer” (have a listen) while pretty young, and was confused by it. I’d talked my parents into a cheap telescope for my 8th birthday… knew all the star names and where to find them (this was back when dark skies still existed). But by my university years I got it and was onboard with his sentiments. Here’s my parallel tribute around information technology. (Based on a true story.)


[ Image Source (I superimposed the dayglow text) :]  (link)

Notes: A tanka is a Japanese short form akin to a haiku, but with a five line structure built of 5-7-5-7-7 syllables. There’s other rules too, which I generally ignore. You can hear a decent narration of Whitman’s brief poem here.

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A-i-t-S 4 : Final Visitation

The fifth in a series venturing beyond the veil of the obvious. The point of this series has been to illustrate, drawing upon actual events in my own life, situations and occurrences which cast definitive doubt upon the conventionally accepted rational materialistic worldview. I hold that the only honest and plausible explanation for the kinds of events depicted here is that the realist consensus is wrong and must be replaced by a spiritual worldview — and it is at our collective peril that we persist “forward” wearing our status quo blinders. The previous episode can be found here. A useful explanatory orientation to the entire series with links for each episode is also worth seeing.

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