Exercise in gratefulness; like a muscle, needs work. Forgive me…

seeresses all
life’s loves have been
take now this cup
of wakeful praise

who played huntress
who were quarry
who well schooled me
aping doe-eyed

revealed askew
by your choosing
seeded cute-meets
hearts for losing

some yearned earnest
no defenses
spied my aura’s
misplaced kissing

her fragrance passed
sleeping nostrils
sweet winds trailing
my hurried routes

a few transformed
my senseless vice
chakra petals

sounds my ears lost
still are howling
soft deep wishing
continues on


[ Painting: “Diana and Cupid” by Pompeo Batoni, 1761. Diana was the Roman goddess of hunting, an activity which may be interpreted quite broadly. In earlier Greek myth, her counterpart was Artemis. ]  (link)

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