Mating Call

A love poem…

A gaze inside your gaze
lets me see what outlives lives
a beauty immune to fading
inhabits your pensive scan
of things not far-not near
or not yet visible
because your looking has a power,
that susses out
what moves
upon the rim
of the world’s palpability

once, when time first was
a sacrifice was spurned
for the sake of a future,
our present,
and in that primal resignation
all true longing knows its seed
that we might continue
even in the grip of banality
our twelve impossible labors
certain what is true
while deemed by some demented

but you are the ointment,
who soothes quotidian cares
you are the balm and the tisane
what dispels all worldly longing
as a gentle calming gift
that we might both live undistracted
and think instead on actual longing
warmly fueled
by your companionship
as continuous kiss


[ Image : a ‘veil’ painting utilizing the Lazure technique, essentially a kind of layered watercoloring applied to walls. I attended a workshop for it once. You use very wide brushes with broad handles and make lemniscate figure-8 patterns back and forth, a bit like the way Chinese ping-pong players grip their paddles. ]Β (link)

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    1. Ahoy & thanks. Your remark caused me to reread the poetry. Are you British? Just curious, as the connotations for ‘suss’ may be more pointed there than what I normally feel. Anyway, I do not see this intrusiveness you speak of. The idea is penetrating into the mysteries of the world, on the figurative horizon, simply via the beauty of perceptive openness. A gradual true knowing. I think I still like the word here. Thanks for an interesting comment.


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