A-wo-el’s Lamentation

How did Atlantis’ Fall, and the prospects of a strange new future civilization to the east, manifest to ones awake near the end?

She who is designated A-wo-el, meaning in the language1 half-song, half-telepathy which the exalted beings higher than humans understood, pervading luminous bestowing (of) dawn, perched consciously and often upon a precipice of dual nature.

The first was a precipice of space. This crag, this rocky place, pelted by the sprays of A-wo-el’s familiar seaworld. She had found it following her ears, swimming a hundred leagues eastward from her own home shores, seeking a faintly announced spot which was partly free of the turbulence and disharmony plaguing Atlantis so plainly that even the least seeing of her kind could now detect it, with trepidation. But what for them was a disturbing hollow rippling in their hari, was for clairaudient A-wo-el a tsunami churning within her navel. Here, on an isolated rim of the strange eastern continent, A-wo-el was free to gaze west with her exquisite seeing, upon the unfolding tragedy of all she was familiar with. Even the movements and qualities of the currents spoke their testimony to A-wo-el’s attentiveness.

The second precipice was more troubling, a precipice of time. For each day the clarity and aspirations of the past grew dimmer within A-wo-el’s contemplations. Instead, a panoramic picture of the very near future clarified itself more and more with her seeing. A picture of cataclysm which in addition to destroying her loved homeworld, would also eviscerate this very rock perch upon which she gained her insights. An era was soon ending, and with it a worldview and way of living and being. And a strange new one was germinating, far to the east, on higher dry land masses, removed from the ensuing fateful chaos. A-wo-el strained to calm herself, so as to see and hear what this new germ would entail. This was her final task — for she had made her peace with losing all that was.

A man, not a stranger to the green forested world, high up the cliffs behind A-wo-el, regarded her with circumspection and a degree of reverence. A-wo-el knew of his gazing and permitted it, though she steadfastly declined to turn her face away from Atlantis. Because he retained a certain respectfulness she allowed herself to be watched, contemplated. Too, because something within this foreign man’s soul makeup afforded her a purchase into conceiving about what the next civilization would be like, she remained, still. Her powerful mentation split between what was passing and what was coming, between the destruction and the unfolding, between the fluidic sea before her and the green-treed massif behind her.

This man, wandering alone along the very wild western rim of his continent was called No-aa, meaning one who leads because he hears. And sitting quiet against an enormous pinewood, watching her from midday until the nearing of dusk, a burning question united itself with his warm guileless gazing. His silent thought radiated. I will not disturb the sanctity of your sacred space, thou one of unspeakable beauty. But how I long to know… the gaze of your eyes, whence your beauty arises from, and what troubles you so that you ponder so seriously these hours and days.

And a warmness not unlike a smile pervaded his being as though descended from the breeze. And something like holy singing came into his inner hearing yet not through his ears, such that he knew it’s origin to be from she who perches. Sleep well this night in peacefulness untroubled, No-aa. Hold clear in your mind what you regard sacred at the moment of lifting from your body. And return here in like manner on the morrow at midday, and I shall bequeath thee your answers. And No-aa let her voice, singing his name, vibrate within him for a moment, cleansing his heart. And then turning his eyes to her perch, she was gone, into the living waters.

And verily, next midday, A-wo-el was again at her station surveying the vast expanse of the history and actuality of all that she was familiar with, spread out like a tremendous eloquent collage within the churning seas and skies before her. And No-aa also returned to his place to sit and watch and listen. After a long while punctuated by the distant shrill callings of sea birds, her kind greeting began to formulate itself within his mind. Recognizing her presence, he closed his eyes to hear more deeply.

Your question, intrepid No-aa, is threefold, but it is the final one which bears the most significance. I will dispense with the first two portions directly. Behold, I cannot expose my complete visage to your seeing, for it’s intensity would scorch your perceiving. Instead I am permitted to reveal to you my womanly eyes.

With this, the man of the eastern continent was confronted by two compellingly beautiful eyes of the shape of almonds and the color of pinecones in the sun rays. Their depth and activity were of a nature he had never before beheld, and from them exuded a disarmingly warm compassion which exposed and melted all artifice. Though profoundly stricken, he held his ground.

What you consider my beauty, kind No-aa, arises from many lifetimes of refining virtues through experience in my once fair abode and among my many various companionships. Most especially I can inform you, it has arisen from the capacity to suffer while retaining faithfulness towards truth.

The man reflected upon this proffered wisdom, and waited in her presence with openness, taking care to softly avert his gaze whenever feeling the possibility of getting lost to sleep in her eyes, amended though they may be. In the periphery, he could still see the appealing form of her shape, reposing far below on the sea rocks.

Now I will speak to you of things which matter not only to my world, but for yours as well, in its incipient striving. My world, culture, and people will soon undergo a vast trial by water, the likes of which has not previously been experienced on this wide earth, and indeed will never be experienced again. This trial will literally alter the face of the world as we both know it. The result will be the utter destruction of Atlantis and the flooding of many of the lands you now tred upon, for many many leagues eastward from here. You must gather your kin and journey east for two moons against all of their objections, taking with you especially those whom you deem intrepid and true of heart. There you must find a wise man, called Manu, who will gather you and instruct you in the manners of a new civilization. A culture with different tasks than dying Atlantis. But the core import of these tasks, always remember, have to do with the inner developing of man’s heart and never with the outer developments of technologies. For we have numerous capabilities beyond your ken, technically realized along lines you are not in a position to imagine. Yet, we are now brought to our downfall, because we have valued the power and the external manifestations and turned ourselves away from the inward developments which give meaning to everything. Fare you well, resolute No-aa. When you witness every color arranged in a pattern in a circle2 in the daytime sky, you will know that your delivery has succeeded.

Her words lived within him like a blazing truth, the melody of her song-thoughts insinuating into his bloodflow, touching each organ. And just before falling into a lengthy peaceful and healing sleep, he transmitted to her his warmest sympathy for her predicament, noting the graceful gratitude for this as it played within her eyes.

And upon awakening, thoroughly refreshed, the man did as A-wo-el advised, and two months hence witnessed in astonishment his first rainbow in a place far removed from this shoreline where they met. And although the memory of her deeply fastened itself within his being, no human of the current age ever again made the acquaintance of an Atlantean water female, though numerous distorted accounts of such encounters liberally populate the legends of men in all places in the world to this day.


[ Images : gratitude to ‘Erroneous Choices’ — whose writings, incidentally, kick ass — for this evocative photo, which I monkeyed around with, twice. ]Ā (go see her work)

1) Etymology buffs — all 2.5 of you šŸ™‚ — might like a gander at this purported glossary of Atlantean names. I think the sourcing is connected with Edgar Cayce. I’m not a Caycean, but can say that by cross-linking some of his info with esoteric Rosicrucian sources, with which I am quite familiar, that there is some reason to not be immediately dismissive. For one thing, there is agreement about the general time frame. Cayce places the pinnacle of Atlantis around 27000 BC and it’s necessary demise around 10000 BC. This meshes well with the Rosicrucian notion of spiritual-cultural ages consisting of seven epochs, each lasting about 2160 solar years, as governed by the precession motion of the sun against the zodiacal backdrop. We are now reckoned to be within the fifth epoch of the Post-Atlantean age which began around the commencement of the Italian Renaissance in 1413 AD, and will not terminate until after 3500 AD. A second point of agreement, however, lies implicit within many of the meanings of Cayce’s name words, and the general subjective character of the language and thought it indicates about Atlantean cognition.

2)The mentioning of the appearance of a rainbow at the end of Noah’s trial of endurance within the ark, in Genesis 9:14, is usually passed over without reflection as some sort of poetic nicety. In truth, more significance is revealed when one considers the possibility that this was in fact the very first appearance of a rainbow in earth’s entire history. Because prior to this time earthly conditions were such that the atmosphere and air was much more soupy and opaque, perpetually blocking out the distinct clear light of the sun. The clearing after the deluge, far to east of Atlantis, represented a revelation of blueness in the sky for the first time, as the light of the sun speared through the dispersing water vapor particles above Noah’s gaze.

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  1. I absolutely loved loved loved this.
    Such richness and layers of beauty all with a surreal and ethereal feeling.
    I am so fortunate to be a part of this, if only in image ā¤ļøā¤ļø


    1. Aww, what a nice comment EC. And only 10% of it or so is there on the page so far, the rest in my mind to work out. But truly, the whole idea really emerged while first seeing and thinking on your image, letting my imagination flow. If I knew how to make those little hearts, I would give them back to you. šŸ™‚


    2. EC, it is finished & out there. I made a lighter clone of the image for the intro and moved the dark one down to the bottom… to give a sense her image fading with time. but let me know if not comfy with it and I will put things back as they were. thanks again, you’ve been a good sport with this. šŸ™‚


      1. You tricked me šŸ˜‰
        I think it’s lovely just like it is. I weirdly wasn’t allowed to reply the comment above this earlier, but I have enough hearts for the both of us. šŸ˜‹

        Beautiful work here

  2. Stunning piece of writing! I had to read it twice. The embedded symbolism -sometimes clear, sometimes hidden within strata of beauty – is outstanding. The way time and space influence us is beautifully illustrated.

    “Then” and “now” are coming together.

    “There you must find a wise man, called Manu, who will gather you and instruct you in the manners of a new civilization”

    Manu. Why Manu? I think I know šŸ™‚


  3. This is an important read for the trial was focused less on the exodus and propagation of civilization, and more on the delicate way to behold the prophet of love without ruining her or oneself. The way you depicted the communication between the coming and the going civilizations was most fascinating:
    “Her words lived within him like a blazing truth, the melody of her song-thoughts insinuating into his bloodflow, touching each organ.”


    1. What a delightful and interesting observation, Amaya! I love the way your comments sometimes open up a new vantage point for me within my own writing. Blessed to have your careful reading.


      1. ā¤ļø see – figured it out… me too EC. root for you, for what you are trying to do, and for the way you strain to apply your thinking and heart to your self-view. this, in general, is what is so uplifting about the WP community, but you do it with a certain purity & fervor. comfy with your persona.

  4. I have read several accounts of Atlantis and of “The World Before”, actually the title of an antediluvian chronicle, by Ruth Montgomery. That the Earth’s atmosphere was more opaque, in Atlantean days, is not surprising. The reported technology, alone, would have wreaked havoc on the entire planet.


    1. Interesting… don’t know. I am blending some imagination with pieces of reports in the various literature to create this, and the literature runs the gamut from wild and crazy bobolgna-bending to serious esoteric research. One has to feel one’S way through it.


      1. This is so very true. There are many conflicting accounts, from “The Earth is 6,000 years old” to “We are children of the stars”. Only the Universe knows for certain.

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