A strange and blessed thing: that we can assess our own existence! Therein lies the portal to divinity, the exposing of Darwin’s mistake. For all Consequential lies are but half-truths, concealed.

have you noticed it too

how with more winters
more recalling
and forgetting
more chirps of the chickadees
radaring in on seedparts
obscured in the wind drifts

how something crystal
offers its view
gently prodding
amid the untuned drunken chorus
of your unprepared cloudmind

that all your tasks finished
and near misses
and goals met
with deathly resolve
all surging competing strivings
accomplishings accumulated
and wild projects envisioned
all things abandoned mid-course
or adhered to past their relevancy


in a more perfectly gleaned overview

replaced while their colors soften
with a truth quieter still
that the companions enroute
have been solely
what mattered
how the links fostered
or paid no heed
sculpt a complex objective residue
a landscape rich
a planet real
all serious imagination resides
all importance imbues
all legacy starshines
and shockingly, at first
all sweetness is locatable
a country
where the only possibilities
that are
sing their melodic creativity
arousing you
encasing you
shaping your will
compelling your attention
beyond any grave’s rim

you are your only currency
in the glimmering

you are who determines
if you will become,
grace the firmament
as new sun


[ Image : a water drop being, living on the surface of a lupine leaf. ] (link)

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