Her Trusted Psychic

To what extent can lovers see themselves? That is what must increase.

caught her in a white lie or three
she had a smidge too much info
as to this or that within my bio
though such smidges were errant
like in a game of rumor chains
that’s how I figured things
her half-shrink/half-psychic
had been dishing once more
but trance pictures are hazy
at best

I suppose it should flatter me, no?
that she sought the inside scoop
gauging my upside for true romance
but she had a highly well-placed source
wrapped in cheerful forthright ribbons
if only she’d had the gumption
on those swoony bedtime phone calls
but she keeps her chamber mysterious
can’t help it, has Scorpio Rising
it colors her contradictions

atop all of this she liked churchgoing
was it Methodist or Episcopalian
her monthly ritual to keep things holy
she probed whether I’d escort her once
cause she found it sexy holding hands there
she dug astrology until it got deeper
some Bible verses cemented that taboo
going by what this or that elder remarked
and what of ersatz therapy psychics
I mused

but some slim consolation
is persisting in my recall
of her cleavage attuning
while my hand warmed
the soft blue denim on her thighs
in the passenger seat
and her silent stoic arousal


[ Image: from the illustration for an Atlantic Monthly article. ]  (link).

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