Seven Final Words

If you do not sense that the event at Golgotha and shortly thereafter comprises a profound earth-shattering mystery, you do not yet have the proper feeling for it.

This short performance piece imagines the significance of the seven final utterances of Christ while on the Cross. The music is from Sofia Gubaidulina, a Russian composer who is still alive at age 90. This segment is excerpted from the full composition, which is a about a half-hour in duration. It features cello and a bayan, which is an indigenous Russian accordion-like instrument.

The interpretive movement forms are an example of a work of eurythmy, developed about a century ago, which has been described both as ‘visible speech‘ and as ‘visible music’. There is also a healing art/practice associated with it.

At present, the world being the way it is, it is not so important to declare the meaning of Easter to oneself and others, with confidence or hope. It is far more important to become captivated by the unfathomable cosmic mysteriousness of it, which might in turn lead to a deeper, more authentic, lifelong seeking about it.


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