Tell me again, Daddy, that fairy tale about how what we are is determined by DNA and by genes…

taking in
what I’d produced
she felt it
not objectifying
to remark as though
to a mirror, not me
“you are either
a genius
or insane”

and being us both young
I let it slide
with a pre-smile
knowing already
that boundary
was alive
and unmarked

but now I might tell
it is we who must harness
the delineation
and describing
of all morality’s shading
and each unique new hue
of dimly glimpsed truth

the gods do not wish
our prodigal return
empty-handed, spotless-souled
they launched us
as Divine question
what is it humans can cull
if they take
a drop of starlight
into that earthly chaos
called freedom

you must accept it
old comrade
would you sculpt
your own identity
you must be fearless
of all precipice
when determined to step
into the boundless pure blackness
which births your true being
as a torch light
of cosmic renewal


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