Decades Before Meeting

Sit near falling streams, sweet one
See life defeat rocks
And splashes kiss light
And I will know it somehow.

Spy a last hanging leaf
Brown with experience
Atwirl in the wind’s will
And I’ll sense gusts of hope.

Listen long to the snow’s quiet
When few would dare take joy
And certain you exist
I will find you years hence.


[ Image : my first digital camera photo ever… taken upon opening the box. A November sunset in western NJ over 20 years ago. ]

[ Note : most times I have little clue about how poems arise consciously, but this one was a little different. It is five years old. I was originally inspired by reading Leonard Cohen’s equally short piece “Go By Brooks”. I wanted to try something similar, but adding in the concept of karma and how we build towards future acquaintances by virtue of what we love and think upon. Also I wanted to incorporate the feeling of time and seasons. First verse, summer; next one, autumn; and the last, winter. Leading to an unspoken springtime when a seed previously planted yields a blossom. It was in finding the title that I expressed that loop and closed it. Still… all that said, it is largely unconscious. 🙂 ]

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