Invite Misplaced in a Library Book

come here
I know it’s far
you could rest a few days
make your travel worthwhile
stay some weeks if you want
I get it’s crazy
come anyway
do crazy
has sensible been working out for you
I’ll feed you, honey
I’ll call you ‘honey’
And mean it
I have this need periodically
To kiss a head like yours
half an hour
then let you lay
near my neck
flood you with warmth
from my bottomless sea
I have to do it
every so often
It regulates my soul
I have excess honey
It builds, don’t know why
I have experience
I have to give it all away
it leaks out my seams
looks for you
always someone like you
a sensitive one
soulful enough to have been crazy
brave enough to have been damaged
damaged enough to intuit transformation
always a sweet one like you
conscious of her own enigma
don’t matter your body
bring it along
but mostly bring you
bodies are scars of destinies
we’re going to step outside destiny
I’ll hold your hand
and love your voice
you will become calm
unimaginably healthily calm
I don’t know how
it sounds out of me
it’s reiki on steroids, love
come here
I know it’s far
come soon
my release valves
are peaking
near maximum
for thee
we’ll have a conversation
we’ll both remember
even when we’re dead


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  1. Beautiful poetry… we all share our breath, our life energy, our diverse expressions of the only one spirit exploring this wondrous world… 🤗💕✨


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