Spent Youth

“All lower love is but a schooling for the highest love.” – Rudolf Steiner

“The penis sometimes displays an intellect of its own. When a man may desire it to be stimulated it remains obstinate and goes its own way, sometimes moving on its own without the permission of its owner. Whether he is awake or sleeping, it does what it desires. Often when the man wishes to use it, it desires otherwise. And often it wishes to be used and the man forbids it. Therefore, it appears that this creature possesses a life and intelligence separate from man.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

that time barely twenty
we fell asleep mid-kiss
admittedly, a lengthy kiss
her torso suction-cupped to mine
drenched in the tepid earnest dew
our mutual pores’ exertions


[ Image : from an interesting article on the copulation techniques of dragonflies, damsel flies, and diamond needles. (link) ]

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  1. Excellent read – quotes, prose (ahh – that suction-cup…:)), et al. Big, big fan of dragonflies, damsel flies, and diamond needles – seriously. Did daVinci associate a drawing with that quote, do you know?


    1. thanks mucho.
      I know Da Vinci was quite interested in drawing male anatomy and made several studies of the inner workings of reproductive organs… which means he must have either been clairvoyant or performed scientific dissections. Do not know if a particular drawing was paired with the quote. Many of his quotes came from notebook margins which had numerous detailed drawings.
      Yes… dragonflies are neat. I have a river in backyard and can go into it during summer months. Then dragonflies often temporarily land right on my arms.


  2. I love that first quote about how lower (physical?) expressions of love prepare us for the highest forms (spiritual?). But it’s all about copulation, isn’t it, becoming one with the other. And desire. That urge to procreate. What Whitman called “the procreant urge of the world.”


    1. I associate the meaning of that quote somewhat with the classical Greek concept of three distinct levels of love, each one shedding a new layer of egotism or personal motivation. Greeks called them Eros, Philos, Agape. Philos was a form of brotherly love, directed at comrades, perhaps familial, removed from sexual impulses. Agape, which Martin Luther King advocated for, was seen as love purely for humanity’s sake and embraced acts of ultimate sacrifice. There is one other point here worth noting: Steiner was a mystic, a clairvoyant, and he claimed that for earthly conditions it was necessary for the creative gods to instil sexual desire love into human psyches for reproduction. This opened windows for “evil” because sensual pleasure became an ingredient of physical love, which could be abused. But such love was forsen as the initial step in a schooling for independent individual acts of selfless love.

      Thanks for comment — I like that quote too. A worthy meditation sentence.


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