Lest ye become as little children, ye cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven…

snows came falling
sweeter than a blanket
a freak April stormdrop
second day now, gusting
but you can go out and scan high
and look for the highest ones
and it’s just like flying, daddy
that sweetboy told, just seven
conviction beyond all weighing

so I travel
out through my pupils
lingering there among the highest
much too long for any adult
forgetting even this neck
where they first happen into being
the way worms instantiated
from damp earth clots
during the dark superstitious ages

and he had truth in his kenning
bless his perceiving kindness
the further I left my questing self
the more my climbing became a falling
an easy drop into paradise
we beheld there alone together
in a warming communal silence
how things are spoken into life
how each single flake witnessed far-near
bore opportunity
to realize anew


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