Whither the Faithful?

Truth, Goodness, and Beauty… can we be faithful to that?

You, who consider the primary distinction to be that of believing vs. dis-believing, have an urgent task at hand, though you perhaps identify it not. And also, likely, conceive it not so, anyway.

What is of necessity, spiritually speaking, this particular moment in human evolution?

It does not mean so much, what you believe, or what you incline to negate. What is important is what you know.

I would not limit the motivation for this recognition to a mere securing of one’s personal “salvation”. (I would not advise such a petty self-centeredness.) It is the spiritual world that requires this transformation. The spiritual world needs humanity to get serious about evolving to a condition of knowing.

Make clear to yourself: what exactly is knowing? And how does belief, or disbelief, abuse it?

Six hundred years now, since the first blossoms of the Renaissance, the Western psyche has pursued an individualized course. That truth might be apprehended within somehow, not conferred upon us without. Freedom. This evolutionary impulse of necessity involved a downward arc, initially, in spirit. Intellect of the senses, personalized, isolates and alienates by nature. The link with morality becomes confused and chaotic, because science and reason contains no methods to approach these topics though it pretends to with philosophy. Now we have made the Earth and social life technical and we apprehend everything analytically. We’ve almost lost the faith to directly, responsibly, individually perceive morality. As a remedy, we want complexity — which is the truth — to be externally or even authoritatively simplified — which is false and lazy.

This cultivating of personal freedom was a good thing, despite the frightening chaos. Judgement resides with us, now, as a birthright. The Old Testament dictates have been supplanted. Golgotha happened. Conscience is born. But it is our individual yoke now to re-ascend. That is the real Faith. The real Ascension. The Way is illumined. The earnest seeking for it is the means of becoming acquainted with it. Spiritual knowledge must now increasingly come from within. We must banish the weak arrogancy that “we cannot know”. It is our spiritual duty to seek to know. Beliefs disunify people. Knowing unifies. Have the Faith to Ascend.


[ Image : an imagination of the Resurrection painted by Naurice Sapiro. link ]

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