haiku ’18 (moon knows)

The mysterious alchemy of desire run amok, as a secret invader virus penetrating the culture via the gateway of individuals wanting, without balance. The moon, our unconscious pastness, is winning, and the fiction that reason holds the antidote rather than spiritual activity, is its concealed ally.



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Public Service Announcement: Fixing The Web?

Pretty much I don’t do re-blogging, though I love lots of blog sites. This place is for me; what I think, and what I create. But this wonderful overview of the present technology-mediated crisis Western (and now global) culture is ensnared within — is simply too good and too important not to draw attention to. I hope and wish that some will listen to this short talk, which was given three days ago in Vancouver, and think about it. (Thank you if you do!) This person is “one who knows”, but is practically devoid of egotism.

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