Belief, Disbelief, and Knowing

Not long ago, a purveyor of a philosophically-oriented blog — I honestly do not know why I bother half the time — put forward a question he considered to be of depth, relevance, and interest. Namely, whether or not aliens could be expected to have religious inclinations. The way he framed it ticked me off…

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when i was little, even tiny
then my loving was my looking
and when i knew something new
that was something like love too

but with time I saw that “I” saw
that I was he who sees his seeing
so now my love’s become hard work
that I am grateful for its being


[ Image : I somehow have misplaced which corner of the web where I located this wonderful watercolor… if you recognize it, please help me with it’s attribution, and I’ll ‘like’ you in perpetuity. ] 

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